Excerpt of “The Unlucky Unjust of Lee’s Love Life”  

Pull back before I push you away

Tell yourself that it don’t matter cause one day I’ll go astray

You know about the dream

Eyes ready, wide like a screen

But I never televise 

So you’re forced to stream,

To get with my program 

When I’m emotional available.

Push through the barriers of my mental.

When the opportunity lacks ambition 

You find ya self lingering in the trenches 

Trying to not get caught in

The war between me myself & I 

You willing to get that close?

Risk it all, put it all on the line?

I don’t want you to

Vexed In Virginia 

I’m lonely …

Sleep don’t come easy

Look forward to nothing 

Why am I lonely…?

How when my thoughts are spread out

All through this empty house 

Elephants fill the room

Skeletons take up the closet

Can’t go back in, once you’re out 

Maybe a vacation,

Something of sort could shake this 

But somehow I still tune in to

Sleepless in Seattle 

While Awake in Atlanta 



But dreaming 


Two space buns that lie on my head

Keep the allusion that I’m above clouds instead 

Of down to earth

I used to be down to earth 

Humility and humidity all the same 

I’ve learned that it really all depends on what to place the blame on

At this point I’ve lost my inspiration

Due to distractions that my attention deemed worthy 

I’ll probably regret ending this in such manner 

Oh well


No combination of letters could spell out these emotions

That I once could keep discreet

But now seem to be slipping through the root of my mouth,

Through the gaps of my teeth


No noun could amount to the person you are, the places you take me, the things you do…

I wish one would attempt to modify this mans actions as if he isn’t as comprehensive just as verbs are….

Verbal representation of he is almost discourteous, fuck an adjective, he is indescribable


Check my spelling….


Who would have ever predicted this predicate once given the subject long ago

Not a damn soul…. so now I ask

May I have permission to integrate an ellipsis…. so there could be no end to our sentence


Am I wrong for wanting paragraphs of your love


For it to be deeply embedded

Between the lines of the paper

Written in pen so we could permanently indulge in it


I mean

I’m with it, if you with it

That’s only if the anecdote of us

could be spoken as nonfiction

The Eye

I warned you of the wickedness of this position

What it could bestow onto you

Still you continue on

With the conversion

Of my undergarments

And release the visibility

Of what lies

Below the crest of my breast

You reach to caress

But your stuck.

Your cheek bones

Grow numb

Something like a tingling sensation that

drops from your bottom lip to the top of where I sit

You can’t tell if you’re floating or falling

“Flight or fight”




Allow me to constantly remind you

Look at me

look at her

Now look at it

I am Flora

Reach for the vines that unleashes the

vibrancy that you somehow are supplying me

This sweat

that slips down from my back and torso replenishes what little energy you already have

Have a taste

Attempt all of this without losing sight

Of thy eye

The overseer of your soul

It decides what your fate will become

With every blink

You may think

That you are very much alive

But you are wintry

Those aren’t chills you’re experiencing

That’s your body needing me

Long before I even go

I feel it throbbing in me

Wanting to clench me

And never let go

Never get out

Your innocence

Is now drenched

In my secretion

Now sink

Lunch Table Freewrite 

“Where you been” 

Same place you left me in

Now I go studio to studio 

Conjuring up a plan 

No need to make that 3rd left

I know how to make it right 

Can’t keep paying the cost of the tolls you put on me 

You should’ve made that u turn at the light

Skin glowing in this new found weather 

Feeling like a vivrant thang 

Wind blowing through the sun roof of my new found whip

All I need is 2 15s for my shit to bang 

Vibes on vibes on vibes 

All I been running into, aura first 

Stuntin season never felt this easy 

No such thing as the worst of the worst 

Rozay hit us with that summer seventeen 

Ironic cause that’s all I want in my glass

Ever so elegant with my pinky to the ceiling 

Working to be the one with the last laugh 

Atlanta ’18

With ya dreams and aspirations

Can’t wait to meet ya

With ya confidence and self assurance

Can’t wait to keep ya


Won’t do the most

Hope you don’t mind my approach

Still searching like my finger on a map

Sliding coast to coast

Bootleg dvds & Chinese

Somehow you still end up with fries and chicken wings

Mango incense for the air

Still doesn’t compare to scent

of ya skin in the bare

Up under me

I’d hope you find comfortability

We could take trips together

Without leaving these sheets

Let the vinyl play

As the tree burn

Listen to my rhythmic words

Rest in the dip of my curves

You the only one in my phone

You only put me in that zone

There’s finally not a reason

To feel alone even when I’m not alone

With my dreams and aspirations

I’ll probably meet ya a year from now

With my patience and reassurance

I’ll probably run into ya, just not now

Weeping Willows

Wind blows in the way of the West

as cold as the organ of life.

Show me to the warmth of your shelter.

There’s this direction about you.

Just tell me if we’re going far.

How far can we take it.

How far are we going.

My compass can’t pace it.

All I know is that the stream runs East.

That it runs as deep

as the roots embedded to these trees. 

weeping willows, those I can relate to.

The nature of my love

expands quickly 

but also passes so suddenly.

I’m growing tired.

At times I want to rest it off

but you encourage otherwise.

You persuade me otherwise.

There’s this direction about you.

As night falls,

just as I raise my head North

my stomach drops.

As the disbelief 

showers me.

Realizations of Rain

drenches me.

You guide me to the rooftops 

of Flaura and Fauna. 

I trust your direction. 

We finally arrive

and just as we do

things begin to go South.

There’s only space for one 

and you don’t seem too accepting 

to accommodate me.

Not even the option 

to build for growth.

With a hundred thoughts

sprouting from every corner in my mind.

I conjure up the courage 

to cut the stems,

to drop my compass,

and to walk away.