Intertwined with the design of life

My fingertips run through my protective style just as Does run between the trees

Their hooves remind the leaves

That there’s no hiding once you fall

Eventually I have to face my fear

But supposedly images in mirrors appear larger than they are

I can never stare at myself too long

I thank the universe for granting me with multiple eyes

I can tell when the alignments shift

But I just don’t how to move along with them

The answer lies in the seven


Pretzel M&Ms

I don't have a circle
I am the point of no return
I stay on my end
Can't cross due to bridges I burned
I don't shave my legs
Really don't feel like I need to
I rely on my best friend to curse me out
To get through my head, for my mind to see through
I only spend money
Because of these
unlucky circumstances
I end up in
I like pretzel m&ms
And cheese & ritz
One day I hope to stay there just to say I did
One day I plan to make amends
With all the men
That I lve toyed with
Only when my promising Actions, start to make Figures tho
That's all I played with as a child
No Barbie dolls, no bratz
My Scene…. well I feel like it'll always be a dream
to be able to see Zeus in Greece
Write by the Aegean Sea
Not a recognizable soul to tease me
Sometimes I want to be bothered

Grew up wanting to be familiar with a dead language and understand mythology
Totally ignoring what myth actually meant
I have horrible posture
It comes from as a child feeling nothing but The Whole World on my shoulders
Being in outkast
Being light skin meant guaranteed popular friends
Looking around like who the fuck ever said that
My father taught me at a young age
They love you the further away
You skin strays
From black
I never felt that affection
And for that I'm forever thankful
It's hard for me to cry nowadays
Having a third eye
Crippled my tear ducts in my other two
Once you are aware, the moment you become aware
You develop a hunger for awareness
I have to fix it
I have to solve it
I have to teach myself the ins & outs to protect the people around me
I was a mute child for 5 years
And now I talk to myself
Out loud
Communication seems to be a language of its own
Haven't quite mastered it
I admit

I have to always keep my hands cleaned
I used to be ashamed of my fathers dreads
Now I display every picture I can get a hold of
I wish I could redo show & tell
My mother wishes she could live her dream but she had me
And Nadja and Yesmeen
What am I supposed to do
How do I give her that opportunity
How do I move my grandmother to a farm that reminds her where she grew up
How do I show my aunt the way
How do i break this family curse
I like marvel movies
I like waiting till after the credits
I wish I could meet Stan Lee
I used to wish I was an X men just to feel like I have a purpose

Well, I do.

Across The Universe

It’s hard to find a start

But I know just how to finish

You think that I won’t listen

Or maybe that I’m oblivious

To the way that you been feeling

Better yet what I’ve been seeing

Better more just me assuming

But enough about the ending

Rewind to the exposition

I was the damsel in distress

In ya never ending mission

You saved me from my mind

Gave me a distraction,

With our innocent interactions

Unspoken of

My forbidden fruit

You taste like nectarines

I liked you next to me

Wait for you to say “stay with me”

So I wouldn’t feel like I’m imposing

Slushes during mid day

Gas station pull ups at night

They don’t know, do they?

Or maybe they only do & you like it that way

But anyway

Talk to me till you fall asleep

Invite me into your dreams

Make me fall behind time

When you know I gotta be gone by 9


It felt like you were

Across The Universe

That might sound a little OD

But all jokes aside you know that’s one of my top 10 favorite movies

I know that your guitar gently weeps

Because all that you are

Is a blackbird dying to be free

Still learning to fly with broken wings

Something in the way you woo me…

Please forgive me Paul McCartney

But strawberry fields aren’t forever


Listen to that voice memo

Just to get turned on

So why can’t we get along

Just because I’m feeling low

Doesn’t mean I’m allowed to be wrong

Just because you know ur right

Doesn’t mean stop giving advice

Just needed a moment to mend

I just really needed my friend

Now I feel just like a troubled child

That snuck out of class

Trying to find you in the lost & found

I JUST had you

How could I misplace you so quickly

For that split second I took advantage of your presence

Now I’m trying to convince myself to hold myself accountable for all my actions

But my pride has had enough.

Not saying I give up

But rather have you platonically

If I can’t have in all entirety

I’m sorry if that comes off selfish

But I notice I get reckless

And i make things difficult

I admit I’m a bit jealous

But this isn’t about confessions

This isn’t about what you think

If you say you’re my biggest fan

Then I guess you wouldn’t mind being in the script.

-An Excerpt of “The Unlucky Unjust of Lee’s Love Life”

His World 

Another black man dead 
All I could think about was you. 

Your broad shoulders that somehow are capable of resting not just a mind full of constant matters

But the weight of the world 

His world 

Not that it matters

Black lives anyway 

Conflicted by the conviction of a crime that is considered being free

In His world 

How can he speak for his own when he is being punished for wanting to provide 

For His world 

His words could encourage a pebble to grow legs to discover rather than skip lakes to sink 

His speech is as powerful as a sting ray

Underestimated but electrifying just like the tasers they neglect to use 

His skin is celebrated 

in His world 

Something like a chameleon 

Able to adapt to the hellish of summers and the coldest of winters

Nothing is black or white 

They see gray, 

They see one shade 

In His world 

His tears are as precious as the waters that ensemble the Nile

Beautiful in its rarity 

But it hurts to witness

I just want to protect 

His world